Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wedding Weekend with Issues

Seating Arrangements, by Maggie Shipstead is a well-written and humorous story, which takes place on a wedding/family reunion weekend on an island off New England. Affluent and spoiled, most of the characters have issues, whether they’re trying to find themselves or being available for others to find them sort of speak. Winn is the father of the bride but he spends more time trying to get into the local golf club and chasing one of the bridesmaids than donating his energy toward the wedding itself. Father of daughters, he thinks all his problems would be non-existent if only he had had a son. The daughters all have issues as do the brothers of the groom. If you’re looking for a quick read that will make you laugh, this is it. But if you’re looking for a plot of any kind, steer away. Shipstead did a good job developing this story but she only hit the surface. Enjoy the book – then move on to something a bit better.

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