Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disappointing Adventure at Sea

The Privateer Clause, by Ken Rossignol was interesting in the first 50 pages, but soon became very repetitious. I felt the author had a bunch of short stories he wanted to tell and instead of developing one or two, he quickly told them all. One after another after another. Boring! I have to say one or two of the events in the book could have been developed well and made into an interesting mystery. But he jumped from one to another with the same heroes quickly ending each incident. Both the characters and the events of the book could have been developed better and it may have been an interesting and captive book. But, alas, it was not. The book was poorly written and in need of major editing. I received a complimentary copy for an unbiased review. I’m sorry I couldn’t give a better review – maybe Rossignol will take this criticism with an open mind and deliver a better novel next time.

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