Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quindlen's Memoir a Bit Dry

I so looked forward to sitting down to read Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, by Anna Quindlen. I’ve read her books and stories and have always enjoyed them. So I sat down with great anticipation, but I must say I was disappointed. No, her writing isn’t the problem. Well, not really. Her book is a bit dry but she is a journalist first so I can almost understand that. I felt Quindlen was speaking to us little folks from up on her pedestal. She began her career by speaking directly to the average woman but in this book she seems to be speaking DOWN to the average woman. There’s something irritating in that. And yet there’s an edge to her memoir – something like “I’ve made a great career for myself but I’m still not quite happy with life. Oh, poor me.” Don’t get me wrong. I still like Quindlen’s writing and will continue to read her work, but I just didn’t get that “feel-good” feeling with this book. I have my fingers crossed for next time though. I won’t give up on Anna Quindlen.

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