Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Willowtree - Mystery with Golf Tips!

Willowtree, by Mike Bove is a light-hearted mystery. It kept me interested from beginning to end with intrigue and humor. Set in Arizona, near Sedona, it is a story told from Bruce DelReno’s point of view. I truly enjoyed Bruce’s description of his part of Arizona as I’ve spent a fair amount of time visiting this wonderful state. Bruce is also an avid golfer so that was fun for me also. But the mystery is what this is all about. It begins when Bruce retrieves a golf ball and ends up finding a body! After the police get involved, Bruce decides to take it upon himself to do his own investigation. As you might expect, it gets him into a bit of trouble. But in the end, the mystery is solved and the reader, along the way, has learned a great deal about Arizona, local history, and the game of golf. The book is a quick read and I read through it quickly. My biggest complaint (and yes, I’ve said this before), there needs to be a great deal of editing to make this a professional job. Why would someone with such talent for writing not get his book edited? It definitely takes away from the story – at least for me. But all in all, it’s an excellent book and I even got some good golfing tips!

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  1. Barbara. I want to thank you for your review of my book.
    I am sorry that I did not know about it until this late date. (I came across it in another search)
    I appreciate the kind words about the story as well as the deserved criticism concerning the editing. I could say I have excuses for the poor editing, but you and I know there are none. The embarrassment lingers, but I have further edited the manuscript.
    Thanks for providing your valuable insights as a reader, writer, editor, and reviewer to me and others.