Monday, May 14, 2012


Redemption, by Bran Clay with Joel Kilpatrick, is a spiritual book about Bryan, an Olympic champion in the decathlon. Raised in Hawaii and a product of a broken marriage, Bryan seemed to follow trouble. And when he wasn’t following, trouble was still out to get him. Despite drugs and violence in his life, he somehow came through it all the way to the Olympics – a totally different person. Bryan tells of all his life experiences – good and bad – from his troubled childhood to college to sponsored training and marriage. Bryan won the silver medal in 2004 and the gold in 2008. But even when he found his faith and followed a better life track, he continued to waiver in his training and routine. He almost gave up time and time again. His faith got him though it all and he definitely gives credit to God. But he didn’t always feel God was his guidance. This is a motivating story and one anyone, no matter what your faith or lack of it, would enjoy.

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