Monday, May 7, 2012

Kissed in Paris - Fun Book

Kissed in Paris, by Juliette Sobanet, is a fun book despite being a bit farfetched. I still enjoyed it a great deal. With only a week left before her wedding, Chloe is asked to head to Paris to handle an event while her boss is home sick. But the night before heading back to the States, she meets a man in the hotel bar. No, this is not going where you think it is. The man drugs her drink and heads back to her hotel room. She wakes up in the morning with her passport, luggage, purse and clothing gone. All that’s left is a skimpy red dress and a pair of high heels. She runs to the lobby to report the theft and the adventure begins. Julien, an undercover agent, manages to “save” her from the police officers interrogating her as if she were a suspect and not the victim. Off she goes with this mystery man on an adventure of a lifetime. She finds that her checking account has been “tapped” and realizes her engagement ring is even missing. The adventure takes her all over France from one hair-raising episode to another. After a series of close calls, Julien finally manages to get her a new passport and she flies home just days before the big event. Then she needs to face her fiancĂ© who isn’t totally sympathetic to her woes – just to how it affects him and his career. Kissed in Paris needs some editorial work and the ending isn’t a total surprise, but it’s still a fun story and I recommend it.

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