Wednesday, November 30, 2011

William G. Bentrim Does It Again!

The Wicked Good Stepmother, by William G. Bentrim, is a nice story that will help ease the fears many children face these days. With divorce common, many children are faced with the insecurities and fears that go along with a new stepmother or stepfather. This fear may be worse in the case of a parent’s death and a remarriage by the remaining parent. In this book, Bentrim shows how Bonnie and Bradley face their fears of a new stepmother. They know all the scary stories of wicked stepmothers but don’t know any about good ones. They definitely expect the worse when Dad returns from his deployment with a new wife.

The story allows Bonnie and Bradley to express their fears but also shows how their Dad demonstrates his love for each of them. And the new “wicked” stepmother handles the situation perfectly so that they can all face the unknown days ahead as a great new adventure.

If a child you know is dealing with similar fears, they may be comforted to see how Bonnie and Bradley can now face their future together with love and hope. This is also a good book for those who are not facing this situation so that they can better understand friends who may be going through a similar scary times.

Read The Wicked Good Stepmother to your child and help ease their fears. Well done, Mr. Bentrim!

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