Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sea Empress is Back!

Return of the Sea Empress, by Ken Rossignoll. is a book similar to his first, The Privateer Clause, but shorter with far fewer incidents. Thank goodness! Not that the incidents aren’t interesting but his previous book in the series had far too many happenings. I still think he needs to add a bit of meat to some of the events happening on his ship. He seems to tell the reader the incident and move on to the next – not filling in the drama. Rossignoll has a few surprises for the reader in this book including a visit by the President of the United States. Again, a bit unbelievable but fun anyway. I think my favorite part is when Leopold Bryan, the President’s brother who is an actor on the ship, is sent to meet with Cuba’s Fidel Castro when the ship makes a stop there because of a storm brewing. But even here Rossignoll tells the story but doesn’t add the drama of showing it. It would be more interesting if he did. However, I think Rossignoll has wonderful ideas and is improving his style. Just fleshing out these stories a bit would make these incidents so much more fun for the reader. Keep working at it, Rossignoll, you’ve got a good thing going here. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.

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