Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cat and Mouse - Historical Fiction

Tim Vicary’s Cat and Mouse is an excellent historical fiction novel. And I love historical fiction. Set in 1914 in London and Ulster where two sisters live. One’s an activist fighting for the right to vote. The other is trying to be the good wife and mother but with a husband who isn’t interested in her – just in his career and the image of having a good marriage. Their two lives intertwine when the older sister Sarah is thrown into jail and the other sister Deborah is pregnant (by another man). They both have issues to resolve but they’re set in a man’s world and that world could be cruel in those days. This novel deals with the differences between the rich and poor, male dominance, childhood prostitution, political and labor issues. It’s well written and full of good historical fact. Yet at the same time, is quite easy to read and hard to put down. I highly recommend Vicary’s Cat and Mouse.

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