Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's Do Lunch!!!

Well, I’m always ready to do lunch - maybe that’s why I’ve been overweight for years. I’ve been on many diets and always have a problem sticking to the diet after a couple of weeks. No, I don’t need to lose 230 pounds like Roger Troy Wilson did, but maybe his book can help me lose that last 10 pounds! So I picked up a copy of his book, Let’s Do Lunch.

I’ve never heard of a diet quite like Wilson’s but I certainly see how it can work. Eat fruit, fruit and more fruit to take away the urge to satisfy your sweet tooth. I think that could work for me. Then he suggests lunch should be your main meal and contain all your protein for the day. I agree that’s a healthier way to eat. But could I do it? Maybe some days but my schedule just wouldn’t allow me to do it on a daily basis. But Mr. Wilson has an answer for that too. There are ways of “doing lunch” at dinner if that’s necessary for your particular schedule.

It all started with frozen grapes! You laugh but I’ve actually been eating frozen grapes as a snack for years. They’re delicious! But I never thought of them as a means to losing weight. Mr. Wilson created an entire diet that began with a simple plate of frozen grapes.

Other than eating lots of fruit for breakfast and dinner and having your protein at lunch, this is basically a diet that eliminates sugar and flour. Also, he suggests eating corn and beans (with the help of Beano for those who may need it), which will take away the urge to eat the fattening white foods – bread, potatoes, rice and pasta.

Let’s Do Lunch includes many delicious recipes and two weeks’ worth of suggested menus. Mr. Wilson also claims there’s no need to exercise while dieting. This is probably where I disagree with him, but it’s his story that’s a success – not mine. So give it a try – with or without the exercise.

I think I’ll give it a try to see if I can lose those last ten pounds – maybe with some exercise. See you! I’m off to stock up on lots of bananas, grapes, peaches and plums. Yummy!

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  1. As I love fruit, I could manage this diet!

    BTW Barbara - thanks for your comment and entry for the cabochon giveaway. I'm not sure who you wish to interview for your blog though.