Monday, October 14, 2013

Jemay's Latest Travel Mystery Needs an Editor

J.A. Jemay is back with a new Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery, this time set in Portugal. The Portugal Sapphire sees Ainsley taking a job in Portugal to find a stolen azulejos with a sapphire imbedded in it. The search takes her all over Portugal with some death-defying adventures, a friendship with a criminal, and a little romance to boot! The history, culture and port wine lessons are wonderful, but the story itself is a bit farfetched. I think I felt the same way about the last book she wrote (The Puerto Rico Pearl). Although a bit unrealistic, the story still kept my interest. One thing that really upset me with this book is that there were many grammatical errors. I think Jemay has a good thing going here with her travel mysteries, but she definitely needs a good editor. If errors don’t bother you, you may love this book. But they drive me nuts!

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