Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gone Girl - Me and the Book

Speaking of Gone Girl, I apologize for being absent for so long. Let me just say, it’s been a tough few months. But I’m back and I’m back with a cool mystery. Gillian Flynn’s latest book, Gone Girl, is intriguing and surprising. My biggest issue is I figured out the surprising part way too soon in the book. It’s about a young New York City couple who move to Missouri after the husband Nick’s mother takes ill. Transplanting is hard enough but going from the Big City to a tiny rural town with no friends is beyond difficult for Amy. The ideal marriage soon falls apart but when Amy goes missing and Nick is the main suspect in this possible homicide, the surprises start to pop up. Amy’s parents join him and stand behind him 100 percent, but how long can that last? Once the “affair” goes public, the parents are suddenly unavailable for Nick. His twin sister Go (short for Margo) is also behind him but has some doubts after awhile. Finally, Nick has to hire a big-time and sleazy lawyer. But we soon find out the twists in the story when “stuff” happens. I’ll not give anything else away. If you love a good mystery and a well-written story, you’ll love Gone Girl. However, if you’re really into mysteries you’ll probably figure it out before long. I did and that was the only disappointing part of the book.

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