Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chocolate for your Valentine

Chocolate Passion Dessert Recipes, by Lisa Joy Taylor is the perfect book for Valentine’s Day baking! It’s chockfull of recipes for cakes, pies, candies, cookies, brownies, mousse and ice cream – all chocolate, of course. It has something for everyone including vegans and those who like to bake with a touch of booze! But, beyond the recipes, you’ll learn some interesting facts about chocolate and why we all seem to love it. Chef Taylor teaches us about the history of chocolate and its benefits. Knowing its health benefits will alleviate guilt when consuming this heavenly food. Just like red wine, it’s GOOD for you! Who knew? Most of these recipes can be made with what you have in your pantry right now. But there are a few ingredients you may have to make a special trip to a gourmet store to find. For the most part, these recipes are easy and pure chocolate! Life is good. Treat your Valentine to something sweet this year. Make it chocolate!

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