Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mr. Churchill's Secretary - A Good Mystery

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary, by Susan Elia MacNeal, is a mystery set in London during the Blitz. I first thought it was historical fiction and there are some good history lessons here, but it’s mainly a mystery so don’t expect to learn anything new about that time period. That said, it’s a good mystery and was fun to read and hard to put down. Maggie, born in Britain but raised in the U.S. by her aunt after her parents were killed in a car accident, returns to London to sell her grandmother’s house. She gets caught up in the events of the time. She gets a job as a typist in Churchill’s office even though she should be earning that graduate degree at MIT. But her math background helps solve some big time mysteries and helps save people and St. Paul’s. Bombs, murders, and spies fill this book although there’s a bit of romance thrown in too. This is a good book for a snowy afternoon by the fire. And you may pick up a few new historical facts along the way.

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