Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Macomber's Best

The Inn at Rose Harbor, by Debbie Macomber is apparently the first book of a new series by this author. It centers on three characters. Jo Marie is a young widow who has moved to this small-town to begin her new life. She purchases an old home and turns it into a cozy bed and breakfast. Her first two guests are Abby and Josh both returning to their hometown after many years. Abby who is 30 left town after high school. During her senior year she and her best friend were driving home from the mall and were involved in an accident. Since Abby was the driver, she continues to feel guilty because her friend was killed in the accident. Now she’s forced to return to town for her brother’s wedding and she dreads facing family. friends and the parents of her best friend. Josh also left town years ago after a falling out with his stepfather. A neighbor and friend has contacted him to asked him to return because his stepfather is now dying. There is still no love lost between his stepfather and himself but he's the only one who can help. I think Macomber does a good job with three separate stories and manages to intertwine them well. However, I feel each story lacked a bit of meat. Macomber is a good author and I feel she could have done a better job with her latest book. I hope future books will be put together a bit tighter. I’m not ready to turn my nose up at a Debbie Macomber book and will give her next one another chance.

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