Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gregg's Cross is Slightly Pickled

My Cross to Bear, by Gregg Allmann tells all, but definitely from Gregg’s point of view. We all know he spent a good deal of his life on drugs and alcohol. Hence, that point of view is rather pickled, to say the least. He has some interesting stories and a bunch of disappointing and well-known events – all with his own personal point of view thrown in. Again, swayed by all that drugging and boozing over the years. One thread throughout the book is that he was completely affected by the death of his brother Duane. I give him credit for getting it all down in book form, but I do believe he could have done better. Maybe some stories need to be looked at again with a little more truth and not necessarily just from his skewed point of view. I did enjoy reading about his younger years in military school and living in Florida. If you’re into the Allmann Brothers, you may well enjoy this book.

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