Monday, March 12, 2012

Historical Fiction Thriller

Isle Royale, by John Hamilton is historical fiction – my favorite type of book. So I was delighted when I picked it up. The story is about two families who man a lighthouse on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. They live a quiet, some may say boring, life in this desolate area. I learned a great deal of history and detail about the area as I read. The setting is 1924 and the adventure begins when a gang of bootleggers pounce on the lighthouse keeper and his family. LeBeck, the bootlegger, is the former friend of Clarence and Collene MacDougal. He’s also Collene’s former lover. He wants to take her away from this boring life on the island. Between love letters and flashbacks, the author gives much detail about the horrors of World War I.

Despite all the history, the story itself is one of adventure complete with murder and gore. The unlikely heroes of the story are two teenagers and a bunch of old men. This thriller is a bit hard to believe but the historical facts seem to be accurate. If you’re a World War I buff or want to learn more about Isle Royale, this is the book for you.

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