Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Faith and the Mafia

This Thing of Ours: How Faith Save My Mafia Marriage, by Cammy Franzese caught my attention. Unlike similar books, it also kept my attention. Cammy was a dancer and had an opportunity to dance for a movie production. Along the way she met and fell in love with Michael Franzese. Being na├»ve and not picking up on hints from friends, she married Michael despite his past as a member of the mob. This book tells the story of Cammy’s life raising three of their four children mostly alone while Michael served time. Despite the hardship, she and her husband remained devoted to each other. Along the way, Michael found God and his new mission in life. Cammy, although raised by a Christian Mom, took her time in following Michael’s pursuit and testimonies. She eventually did, however, find a calling talking with other young women who were dealing with similar issues in their married lives.

This is a story of faith as both Cammy and Michael, along with their four children, go through the trials of prison life and the fairness and unfairness of arrests and red tape. Despite some very difficult times, the family that nearly collapsed from time to time, has come together and continues quite intact.

Cammy Franzese’s This Thing of Ours is a quick read. It’s entertaining, educational, inspiring, and, yes, I admit it – a real tear jerker.

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