Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daddy Dates Helps Build Strong Relationships

Daddy Dates, by Greg Wright, is a great little book for fathers who want to create and/or improve the emotional connection with their daughters. Many fathers, busy with their careers, spend little time with the family. Wright gives pointers and suggestions in ways dads can connect with their daughter one-on-one.

This connection is far more important than just creating quality time for father and daughter. It also helps insure the daughter’s future relationships with boyfriends, husbands, and other males in their future. No, it doesn’t eliminate the chance that a young woman may end up in an abusive relationship, but it does help build that security needed to, hopefully, avoid that possibility.

The book is broken down into short chapters dealing with different topics and strategies for dates with their daughters. It’s a quick and easy read but also a book that you can go back to for a refresher course whenever needed. Dads need to take the time to work on their relationship with their daughters and this book helps the Dad build the relationship and prepare him for the daughter’s growing years. At the same time, it helps the daughter build a relationship with the number one man in her life. And it really is easy once the process gets underway. All dads should take the time to read Wright’s Daddy Dates.

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